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Newsletter September 2022

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Flipping Stigma on Its Ear:

Taking Action Against Stigma and Discrimination

Associated with Dementia

Led by an Action Group of people living with dementia, the actions of this project focus on what the Action Group sees as important. Our purpose is to reduce stigma and promote social inclusion of people living with dementia.

Funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Principal Investigators are based out of the University of British Columbia with collaboration from researchers from Simon Fraser University and Lakehead University.

Our project hopes to flip stigma on its ear and take action against stigma and discrimination associated with dementia.


Meet The Team!

The team is made up from researchers and people with lived expertise of dementia all living in British Columbia, with support from a research team made up of researchers at UBC from various disciplines.

From left to right: Jim, Donna, Sherri, Granville, Myrna, Marcia, Craig, Lynn, Lester, Karen, Deborah, Paulina, Mariko, Alison, Eric, Ania


What is the toolkit about?

The purpose of this toolkit is to help other people with dementia recognize and take action when they experience stigma and discrimination associated with dementia or memory loss.

Learn how you can navigate the toolkit



Our Journey


How are people using the toolkit?

The research team has completed feedback sessions with various community leaders who have an interest in promoting social inclusion of people living with dementia in their communities.

We have learned that people are finding the toolkit useful in many situations including:

  • To recommend to families who have recently received a dementia diagnosis.

  • To share with staff and volunteers as part of a training package at community organizations.


and learn more about the participants experiences sharing the toolkit


News and Events

Notes on Dementia, Building Resilience

by Granville Johnson


Learn more about the toolkit

FS Newsletter Sept 2022
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