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Newsletter February 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023


Taking Action Against Stigma and Discrimination

Associated with Dementia

The Flipping Stigma Team is getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.

We’d like to wish everyone a BELATED HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We have a few exciting updates to share with you all about what the Action Group has been up to so far this year and what plans there are for the coming few months.



The Action Group is currently working on creating a GUIDE that will give some insight into the process, uniqueness, and shared values of the Action Group.

Right now, the group is focusing on creating content that will speak to the group’s guidelines and overall work process. During a previous meeting, Action Group member Granville shared that:

This guide will provide information about how Action Research happens in an online context by showing examples of how this process worked for the Flipping Stigma Action Group. Action Group member Donna recently remarked,

“joining the group, it made me realize that I'm not the only person in the world with this disease, that I can leave the house...and still feel quite the beginning that was a real tricky one—you get overwhelmed with your diagnosis. As time goes on, you get more comfortable with it and the...meetings definitely is a terms of getting together and getting information”.

It is the hope that the creation of the Action Group Guide will inspire others to be a part of action research, work with others in their communities, and see the benefit to listening to those with lived experience.

The Guide will be available online and in print form, as well as have some printed promotional pamphlets/post cards. STAY TUNED!



We’d like to invite you to have a look at a few technical updates that were recently made to the Toolkit. Once you’ve entered the INTRODUCTORY PAGE of the toolkit, there is now the option to use drop-down menus for the Recognizing Stigma, Responding to Stigma, and Education & Advocacy sections.

We’ve also made it so the menu is always visible at the top of your page even while you’re scrolling down. If you’re curious about any of these changes or have any questions or comments about these changes, please let us know by sharing a comment at the bottom of any page or sending an email to


Last year, the Action Group members came up with a few ways to start a conversation about the Toolkit.

Many people think that everyone with dementia is the same, with the same experiences – this toolkit challenges this misconception by including the voices of people living with dementia, sharing their diverse experiences and perspectives.

People may not recognize the ways in which their language or behaviour is stigmatizing or discriminatory – this toolkit helps to identify stigma and discrimination, and offers ideas and techniques to address them safely and effectively.

When people hear the word “dementia” they often go to fear and negativity. This makes it difficult to even talk about dementia, which can leave the person with dementia feeling isolated and alone - This toolkit helps them feel less alone by opening up a space to talk about dementia in a positive, hopeful way.

There is a need to shift the paradigm – this toolkit will change the way we think about and understand dementia. You might be surprised!

You can download a PDF of this list here.

Toolkit Conversation Starters
Download PDF • 903KB

Let us know about other ways that you have started a conversation about the Toolkit with others in your own communities by leaving a comment at the bottom of any page of the Toolkit or sending us an email at


News and Events

Myrna Norman wrote a text called "FINDING HOPE IN DEMENTIA" about what stigma means and how it affects her and others she knows.

Read or download and print it here.

Finding Hope in Dementia
Download PDF • 789KB


Granville Johnson was featured in an Alzheimer Society of BC post.

Read Post below:


Myrna Norman, Lester Gierach, Granville Johnson, and Mariko Sakamoto were featured in the Winter 2023 ASBC Insight magazine.

Read Article below:


Lester and Cindy Gierach were featured in an Alzheimer Society of BC post.

Read it here:


Learn more about the toolkit

FS Newsletter Feb 2023
Download PDF • 4.58MB

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