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Newsletter April 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023


Taking Action Against Stigma and Discrimination

Associated with Dementia

The Flipping Stigma team would like to share some updates about what the Action Group has been up to recently and new directions that the project is taking.



The Action Group has been continuing their work on creating a Guide. As we spoke about in the February newsletter,the Action Group is currently working on creating a Guide that will give some insight into the process, uniqueness, and shared values of the Action Group”.

The Guide is not quite ready to be shared in its final, edited form yet, but here are some quotes from recent Action Group meeting discussions about the experience of being a part of the Action Group.

Members talked about:

The synergy of the Action Group

“This group...I've found, the synergy was electric...It felt like when I joined it felt like I plugged myself into a live socket, and suddenly...the buzz was there, and I was in it. And it was subtle, but it was powerful.” - Granville

“The togetherness is intensified with this group.” - Lynn (Due to the nature of this project where members are working towards something)

Building skills in advocacy

“If you have dementia, you are going to become an advocate for yourself. If you don’t, you’re gonna falter, you’re gonna slip, you’re gonna fall back would be regretful to not jump...My experience, you have to represent yourself, you have to say, “I need help”...Society doesn't say “oh you should ask for help” – that’s a sign of weakness. Well, get over it. Self-advocacy comes from that.” - Craig

“The experience of this group has assisted advocate for what I believe in or what I see is important...The whole impact of dementia upon me...has made me become an advocate for others and for myself...This group has really helped advocacy skills.” - Craig

Leaving a legacy

“We’ve been thrown into this disease, and it’s not something that people want to talk about. We’ve opened the doors so that people can talk about it, and...that’s our legacy.” - Lynn



Our team was recently successful at acquiring a Planning and Dissemination grant through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to fund a short-term project which takes the Toolkit into the primary care context.

In the coming months, people living with dementia, researchers, and primary care providers (family doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners) will meet to discuss how the Toolkit may be effectively used in primary care practice. From these discussions, adaptations may be made to the Toolkit.


News and Events

Message from Action Group member and community advocate, Myrna Norman:

Purple Angel Event in Maple Ridge: Celebrate People Living with Dementia and Caregivers

Date: June 10th

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Place: Memorial Peace Park Spirit Square in Maple Ridge (intersection of 224th St. And McIntosh Avenue)

Activities: Silent Santa, Buy a ticket for Lunch with the Mayor, Bocce, Golf by Us, Bean Bag Toss and more.

This is a family event and you are invited!

***Look out for the Flipping Stigma team, as we will have a table in the park and will be talking about the Toolkit!


WCCA Conference Poster

Paulina will share a poster about the educational aspect of the Toolkit on April 21st and 22nd at the West Coast Conference on Aging.

Download the WCCA Poster below.

WCCA Poster
Download PDF • 37.18MB


Learn more about the toolkit

Download a printable version of this Newsletter below.

FS Newsletter Apr 2023
Download PDF • 733KB

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